D&D 5e: Crypts & Kaiju

Crypts & Kaiju is an update to D&D 5e that utilizes SRD 5.1 under its Creative Commons license. It is intended to both increase the complexity of the game slightly, as well as address some underperforming features.

These rules updates are intended to be entirely compatible with original release of D&D 5e; we highly recommend including the new options from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.


8/14/2023:  Renamed Path of the Giant to Path of the Titan. Added the FIRE! Fighter archetype.
5/17/2023:  Updated Monk,  added new Sorcerer, Wizard, and Warlock class updates. Added new spells section.
2/24/2023: Added  new rules for Paladin Smite/Improved Smite, and Fighting Style.
2/23/2023: Added  Short Rest Resource Recovery optional rule.
2/4/2023: Added "New Archetypes."
2/2/2023:  Added "Weapon Updates," updated Monk's Purity of Body.
2/1/2023: Initial Site Creation.